Creating Data Literate Students

“[A] great resource!”

– 2017 conference attendee


Book Cover for Creating Data Literate Students (Design by David Young)

We’ve been busy tapping away on Creating Data Literate Students, a guide to integrate the “reading” and “writing” of data.

  • How do students learn to “read” and “write” data with accuracy?
  • Given how jam-packed high school curriculum is, it isn’t practical for teachers to add a unit or course on data or statistical literacy to the curriculum. What are the tips, rules of thumb, and guidelines that would make the greatest impact in the limited time available?

Our chapters are now available for you to read and download, and by the end of Summer 2017, we’ll have copies available to purchase on Amazon or download in a machine-readable format, too. Stay tuned to find out how you can get your very own copy!


Kristin Fontichiaro, Jo Angela Oehrli, Amy Lennex

Chapter 1: Introduction to Statistical Literacy
Lynette Hoelter

Chapter 2: Statistical Storytelling: The Language of Data
Tasha Bergson-Michelson

Chapter 3: Using Data in the Research Process
Jole Seroff

Chapter 4: Real world data fluency: How to use raw data
Wendy Steadman Stephens

Chapter 5: Manipulating data in spreadsheets 
Martha Stuit

Chapter 6: Making Sense of Data Visualization
Justin Joque

Chapter 7: Data presentation: Showcasing your data with charts and graphs
Tierney Steelberg

Chapter 8: Deconstructing data visualizations: What every teen should know
Susan Smith

Chapter 9: Designing your infographic: Getting to design
Connie Williams

Chapter 10: Using data visualizations in the content area
Jennifer Colby

Chapter 11: Teaching Data Contexts: An Instructional Lens
Debbie Abilock

Chapter 12: Diving Lessons: Taking the Data Literacy Plunge Through Action Research
Susan D. Ballard