***Note: The 4T parent conference is piloting a change to SCECH credits and certificates in Spring 2017. The results of that pilot may result in changes made in June and early July to rules for the 4T Data Literacy conference. Please check back later! ***

K-12 educators who are registered with the Michigan Department of Education’s system can earn State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs) at no cost by attending the 4T Virtual Conference on Data Literacy!

You can earn between 3 and 12 hours of SCECHs (3 to 12 sessions) of conference participation through the University of Michigan.  To be eligible for SCECHs, you must be a K-12 educator certified in the State of Michigan. The University of Michigan does not have continuing education relationships with any other state or with higher education institutions.

You must attend a minimum of 3 hours of the live conference to qualify for the minimum 3 SCECHs.  (There are no SCECH credits available for watching the archives). There is no cost to apply for SCECHs, but you must complete the SCECH form (see #3 below) within 1 week of attending the conference.

To Earn SCECHs:

1) You must attend at least three live sessions, logging in with your first and last name, and attend the entire session.

2) SCECH participants need to create accounts (or have existing accounts) with the Secure Central Registry  (SCR/MOECS) of the Michigan Department of Education. As the 4T Conference does not administer this registry, please direct questions about navigating or using the Secure Central Registry, please email or call 517-327-5925 if you need assistance. If you need technical support for the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS), Contact the MOECS Support  at (517) 373-3310 or email:

*Please note: The e-mail address that you provided when registering on the SCR (Secure Central Registry) must match the one provided on the Participant Verification Form.  If the e-mail addresses do not match, you will NOT receive e-mails from the MDE as to whether or not you have been awarded your SB-SCECH.  ALSO, you must complete the evaluation that will be e-mailed to you—another reason the e-mail address must match.

*To our colleagues from other states and countries, we regret that we do not have the capacity to issue certificates.

3) To download the participant form, click here and fill out both pages. Remember to sign it!

You may submit your signed form here: