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A 4T Data Literacy Attendee on the 4TDL Conference

Oakland County educator (and U-M grad!) Jianna Taylor wrote on the Oakland Schools Literacy blog about her attendance at the 4T Data Literacy conference. She said, in part:

I attended multiple sessions, on topics ranging from an introduction to data literacy, to data literacy in the content areas, to action research in the classroom. For this conference, I was most looking forward to the sessions about data visualization and infographics, though. I’ve dabbled with making infographics and have always wanted to have students create them, but I was never sure how to go about doing that, because I didn’t feel that I had a design background.

As the presenters were speaking, something that one of them said really struck me: think of an infographic like an argumentative essay.  The infographic itself is the overall argument. The images, design, and information are the evidence and reasons.

Thinking about infographics in this way was like a light bulb going off in my head. Writing arguments with supporting evidence is something students are well versed in, and moving from a traditional essay to a different argumentative form seemed like a great next step.

Thanks for the feedback, Jianna! You can read more of her reflection here.

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Recipe For An Infographic

A well-made infographic can be an efficient, compelling, and impactful medium for communication. But making a good one can be tougher than it looks.

Attendees at the two-part infographics session gave it high marks. Hosted by Susan Smith, Connie Williams, and Debbie Abilock, the session provided insight into how we can guide students into deeper reading of infographics as well as construction of new infographics.

We’ve added Connie and Debbie’s article, “Recipe For an Infographic,” to the Schedule page. You can also find session-related links below.